What to Expect...

Come in with a positive intention.  Keep your focus on a good outcome. The lights are low & healing frequencies are playing to create an ambient, relaxing environment. Make yourself comfortable in a padded reclining chair. Close your eyes, relax & sink into a peaceful state of relaxation; fall asleep…

Your Body Wants to Heal. Let It Happen!

1. What is Energy Enhancement System (EESystem), and who invented it?

The Energy Enhancement System is a technology created over 20 years ago by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, PhD. The system generates multiple bioactive life-enhancing energy fields in a room that activates the body’s innate design for cell & tissue regeneration, and DNA repair.

2. What are the computer monitors with moving lights for?

The lines and codes running on the monitors create bio-photonic fusion as they are precisely aligned across from each other. The Fibonacci sequences scrolling on the screen and the photons released thereby can help mobilize the stem cells and regenerate the DNA & cells.

3. Where can I find more information about EESystem?

Please visit the EESystem website here www.eesystem.com and research can be found at www.eesystem.com/research, as well as https://newearth.university/courses/applied-integrative-bio-physics (Dr. Sandra Rose Michael’s University Course), and well as many www.YouTube.com interviews with Dr. Michael & presentations by her and others on EESystem.

4. What happens during a Session, and how many people will be there?

Sit and relax, or just sleep after you make yourself comfortable in the reclining chair. We suggest you close your eyes and focus on a positive intention instead of on problems or dis-ease to receive greater benefit. The lights are low and instrumental music is playing to create an ambient relaxing environment. The number of individuals may vary per session.

5. What should I bring to a Session?

Bring purified water. Liquid electrolytes added to water, according to recommendations of the electrolytes bottle you may bring, can also be beneficial.

Dress comfortably & wear socks (required). Shoes have to be removed before entering the Session Room. You can bring a pillow or blanket. Whatever helps you relax and be comfortable. Adding or removing layered clothing may help you adjust easily to the room temperature.

Relaxing sounds or music may be playing in the Session Room, but you’re welcome to bring noise cancelling headphones, or headphones or earphones to listen to your own meditative or relaxing music or podcast.

Healthy snacks that you may bring can be eaten in the reception area, but not in the Session Room.

Bioavailability of supplements may be enhanced by bringing them into the Session Room.

6. How long are Sessions, and how many should I have?

Sessions are by the hour. You may book the number of hours based on your need and desire for results. Many users find it beneficial to start with a 1 or 2-hour session, and work up from there on future bookings. Some users prefer 3 or 4-hour sessions. Always listen to your body, and don’t force anything. Anyone can also book even longer sessions or Overnights, which are about 8-hour Sessions.

7. Why so many units?

A greater number of units can create more effective life enhancing bio-active energy fields.

8. What should I do before and after my Session?

Before coming, Dr. Sandra Rose Michael recommends that you do a 20–30-minute detox bath with 2 cups of salt (sea salt or pink salt), 2 cups of baking soda, and 1 cup of 20 Mule Team Borax. Or if you don’t have access to a bath, a 20–30-minute foot bath with half the quantities can be supportive. Eat light before attending your session(s).

After your session, preferably within 24 hours (the sooner the better), Dr. Sandra Rose Michael has recommended a 20–30-minute detox bath with 2 cups of salt, 2 cups of baking soda and 1 cup of 20 Mule Team Borax (found in the laundry cleaning isle at most stores, also available on Amazon). Again, you may do a 20–30-minute foot bath with half the quantity instead of bath, if a full bath is not possible.

9. Will I feel anything during or after the Session? Any side effects?

Many feel relaxed, energized, peaceful, meditative, or sleepy. Every person may feel something different based on their own body, and the level of detox they may experience. Be sure to drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and support detox. Liquid electrolytes added to water, according to recommendations of the electrolytes bottle you may buy or bring, can also be beneficial. Again, it can be very beneficial to follow the detox protocol as suggested above in FAQ #8.

10. What things could I do to support the treatment I receive?

Drink plenty of water. Eat healthy foods such as fresh organic fruits and vegetables. What we put in our body is important. Movement & exercise can also be supportive. Also refer to the other FAQs for additional beneficial information.

11. Can I bring a pet with me?

Pets are currently not allowed during regular hours, as there may be other members who may be allergic. We may offer a special Sunday schedule for your pet in the future, and will notify all Members about this.

What Should I Bring to a Session?

Dress comfortable. You can bring a pillow or blanket. Eye masks are beneficial. Water – Stay Hydrated